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We guess you don’t really want to read the detailed legal docs, so we’ve written this short, easy to read summary. However, it's not a substitute for the real thing so we have to recommend you read the full legal terms which you can get by following the relevant links in each section below.


We take good care of your personal details. We collect them in order that we can include you in the games that we run, should you choose to join in, and to keep you informed about upcoming games. We do not share your personal details with any third party except as part of the operation of the system, when we are required to by law or if the game you play has been sponsored by the third party. In the event of the latter you be made aware of the fact on joining the game and we will only release your details if you agree.

For full privacy terms click here.

When You Are On this Website

  • Sorry kids but this website is only for the use of people over 18 and for people residing in the UK. Please look after your login details.
  • You can submit content to this website but please don’t post stuff that is smutty, abusive or that advertises products or services. If you do post stuff you should own the copyright or have permission from the content owner. You retain copyright on posting but by doing so you give us the right to use it on this site and in other marketing material for ever and ever, for free. If you change you mind once you’ve posted stuff, let us know and we’ll take it down. We aren’t Facebook after all.
  • Speaking of which, we integrate with Facebook, Twitter and other 3rd Party social networks and may post your content there. Sorry but we have to recommend you read their Ts&Cs.
  • We do not moderate content. Please report to us anything you are not happy with.
  • There is no charge for accessing and using this website and we reserve the right to withdraw the service at any time, or to close your account.
  • For full web terms click here.

When You Are On The Street.

We at Slingshot want to make sure everyone will enjoy our games and play them safely. As in all games there are rules:

You must at all times comply with the laws of physics. Just because you're having fun doesn't mean that the big red bus won’t run you over.

Look after the natives.
The people you come across will not necessarily understand your actions or the urgency with which you may be going about them with. Be aware of this and try not to upset or frighten people, especially if you're in a group. Big groups of people dashing about on unknown business can be frightening. Be nice to people, if you have time explain what you're up to. People might like to play too.

The cops are not actors
We have not digitally recreated the city in minute detail. This is the real world and that's what makes it fun. It does mean that the normal laws you live by still apply. Private property is still private, crossings are still the best places to cross roads and all other laws of the land are still in effect.

We're all in this together
Try not to put anyone at risk when you are playing. If you play the games properly and within the rules you should stay safe. But be aware of people when you're playing; think about the consequences of your actions.

We’re all grown ups here
To play this game you must be over 18. You also have to look after yourself. When you are out there in the city you are playing at your own risk. We are not responsible for your actions, so you must be.

For full street terms click here.