Hounded in Bristol


The hunting season is upon us and you are the quarry. To celebrate the close of the gaming year we bring our fox hunting themed chase game, Hounded to Bristol - 15th & 16th December.

Fresh from two sell-out dates in London’s Soho Theatre, Hounded matches players, the foxes, against a pack of hounds. The foxes follow scent trails laid out around the city centre. Using their noses, the foxes must reach the end of the trail to claim points. But there is a catch: we scent mark the foxes at the start and then hunt them down with a pack of tracking dogs. If they catch a fox, the fox looses their tail, and valuable points.

This is a team game, for up to eight players per team. Come as a gang, or we can hook you up with some more foxes on the night. You'll need a mobile phone and comfortable footware. You'll be running.

Dates are 15th & 16th December and the game starts at 7pm. Tickets are £13 and are available here. Game start location will be on your ticket. The game lasts about an hour.

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We lay out eight scent trails (yes real smells). Some smells are nice, like flowers or fruits, some are foul, like the air of a fish market or a fetid swamp. You (the foxes) have to follow your noses (as is your foxy way) to find the end of each of these trails. At the end is a secret word. You text this into the game to gain points, while we chase you down with a pack of dogs (yes real dogs!). 

If you find all the secret words, you will send a maximum of eight text messages. These are charged at your standard network rate, depending on your plan. You will receive messages from the game. These are free to receive. You will be chased by hounds. Some of these are real hounds, and these track your scent but do not approach you. The other hounds are human, who accompany the dogs and tag you if they catch you. Once tagged, you must remove your tail. You loose points but you can still claim secret words. Each team can only claim a secret word once.

Dates are 15th & 16th December and the game starts at 7pm. Tickets are £13 and are available here

Drop us a line via our contact form if you have any questions.