It's been almost year now since we launched this baby. You’ve got sixty minutes to cover forty years and climb the greasy pole from poor journeyman to Mayor of nineteenth century Bristol. Check out the app herePlease note you need to be outside Mshed in Bristol to start the game.

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The iphone app game was commissioned by Bristol’s swanky new museum Mshed, for its opening last June. The brief was to create a game that would play well with the 18 to 24 age group, and would require players to be at the museum to play. This age group is notoriously difficult for the heritage sector to engage, but we are good at it, with 2.8 Hours Later attracting 55% attendance from people in their early twenties. However, a game about Bristol’s Harbourside was a tough call. We reckon we cracked it.

Fortunes for Mshed

Using App Furnace from Calvium, we came up with a game that required players to navigate contemporary Bristol by means of a map from 1834. The map contains items the players need to collect like gold, education and an advantageous marriage, and stuff they have to avoid like constables, political scandal and a dose of the clap.

As you can guess we gave the game a cheeky and irreverent tone with just a light scattering of Carry On smut that we reckon hits the spot. Mshed took a while to get comfortable with the piece but we are really proud of the way we used items from the museum collection and archive to illustrate the game. We’ve got nineteen year olds reading electioneering pamphlets from 1854. That’s an achievement.