The One Thing I Know

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The One Thing I Know

Company co-founder, Simon Evans, has contributed a chapter to Creative England's new book, 'The One Thing I Know.' It's a fantastic resource for artists looking to set up their own business and burst out into the commercial arts world. Full of great tips and tricks, from intellectual property to marketing new forms and works, it's a step in the right direction for encouraging a new generation of artists to make daft things and earn a living doing so. It's also a beautiful book, full of stunning illustrations and intelligent design, while the website - is a great resource for anyone thinking of making a break for it and selling their art. Oh, and it's all available for free.

Can't get better than that.

Time Winders Launches

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A Commission by Animated Exeter

Commissiond by Animated Exeter, Time Winders is our brand new street game debuting at Animated Exeter's excellent festival during February half-term 2013. Inspired by Philip Reeve's stunning short story, the Exeter Riddles, the game is an engrossing race against the clocks to stabilize time and save Exeter from the malevolent forces that are bubbling up through leaks in time. 

Using a Time Stream Stabilizer, an everyday object augmented by a strange technologist from the future known only to you as ‘Ralph’, you close each time leak through a series of thrilling challenges and immersive games. From racing giant desert vehicles across sun blistered sand dunes to trapping nightmarish monsters in clockwork computers, closing portals in time to firing a laser cannon at bombs spilling over from World War Two, Time Winders is an uncompromising blend of action, adventure and storytelling. As you might be able to tell; we’re a little bit excited about it. It’s also a family orientated experience, suitable for 8 years plus, which means it is literally fun for all the family. Don’t be surprised if the little ‘uns aren’t the only ones racing to save Exeter...

Venue: Exeter Phoenix
21st February, 2pm–5pm
22nd February, 2pm–5pm
23rd February, 2pm–5pm

£12/ £8 suitable 8 years+ under 18s must be accompanied Book Here

For more info Click Here


igfest Pop-up Store

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igfest store

Need an edge when playing 2.8 Hours Later? We’ve got the kit for you. Fancy creating your own game? Come get supplies and browse our game design library. Our street games supply stores will be selling zombie survival kits, game merch and a host of essential tools for making the most of igfest 5. You can also purchase tickets for the festival headline games or check out some cool products from international game designers. We are open Monday to Saturday 11am to 5pm. The shop is at 11 St Nicholas St., Bristol, BS1 1UE.

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igfest 2012

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Igfest is a festival like no other. Where other festivals have mud, crippling ticket prices and questionable hygiene, we have Robots, Zombies, Ninja Cows, Sweetshop Bank Heists, Biblical Sized Water Fights and Powdered Paint. Lots of Powdered Paint.

We’re back for the fifth time September 5th-8th, bigger, ballsier and more bonkers than ever before, running the streets of Bristol’s Old City. The infamous zombie chase game, 2.8 Hours Later, returns for its last ever showing in Bristol. Two new headliners, the Cargo Remix and Incitement, will make their WORLD DEBUT and then there’s the igfest fringe to explore, dozens of beautiful games wrapped up in a party in Castle Park 8th September. Games, great food and fine ales - what more could you want on a sunny afternoon? Bring a rug, a picnic and your plimsols/pocket money. Headline tickets are £15 & £28, the Festival Fringe games free to £5.

More details at


Cargo - the Orchid Remix

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Some of you may have played Cargo over the years, an escape game involving menacing cops, creepy forgers and a boat ride, for the lucky few. Well, earlier this year we were approached by The Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham University, who are part of the Orchid research project along with Nottingham, Southampton and Oxford Universities. They build A.I systems and play with robots. We had a techgasm. So we remixed Cargo to trial some of their ideas about the applications of such technology for disaster relief (as we are the masters of disaster). This is the next step in the future of street gaming.

Get your tickets here:

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