About Us

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Here we are.

We make and stage games; from mass participation spectaculars to mobile phone adventures, our output is diverse. We make games for paying players and for clients in the private and public sectors.

Slingshot are a small, dynamic company based in the UK but we work internationally, with significant experience in the US. Over the last five years we have created around fifty games, worked with clients such as Bourjois, Samsung and Arts Council England, and have won the South West Media Innovation Award, three years running. We founded igfest, an international festival of street and real world games, and continue to stage it each year in Bristol. We premiered 2.8 Hours Later at the festival in 2010. The game has gone on to become our best selling game, which has been played by over 35,000 people to date.

Naturally, we pride ourselves in our game design expertise but the Slingshot team covers a range of skills and experience, from social media marketing to software development and event management. We can create and deliver an iphone app, or a live game event for thousands.If you want to play one of our games keep an eye on our blog, or subscribe to our mailing list. If you are looking to bring the power and engagement of games to your business check out Commissions for more details on what we offer. Of course, feel free to drop us a line here or give us a bell on +44 (0)117 930 4516.  We love to chat.